Unlock your full potential with Deezer technologies

Benefit from our technological expertize in AI for audio, cataloging and recommendations to deliver faster and better on your own value proposition. From supporting your employees and content curators to improving your customers’ experiences, our APIs for audio tech tools cover a large range of possibilities.

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9.4 million

Paying subscribers engaging with our recommendation engines

+10 years of R&D

Enabling us to create state-of-the-art audio tech services

+10 years of B2B

Distributing music to our partners’ customers

Go beyond audio files with AI and machine learning

Spleeter, source separation

Isolate any vocal or instrumental track in an audio file.

Ansync, text and audio synchronization

Easily sync the text and sound in any audio file.

Manage large audio catalogs, from metadata enrichment to cluster detection

Radar, audio fingerprinting

Analyze audio signal to automatically identify any song.

Augmented Metadata

Enrich audio metadata with advanced information on audio files (e.g. mood, bpm, explicit content, etc.).

Understand user behaviors and recommend highly subjective and time-specific content

Flow wheel, personalized recommendations

Understand user needs and deliver the content they want, when they want it.

Automated playlists

Generate an automated selection of songs matching your criteria.

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