Augmented Metadata

Enrich audio metadata with advanced information on audio files

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What Augmented Metadata offers

Scan any audio with our fingerprint solution and get access to Deezer’s metadata, covering not only basic information like artist, album and release date, but also augmented metadata, such as explicit content, beats per minute (bpm), moods and more. Benefit from information that enable you to better understand your content and organize it into specific areas, creating new opportunities for user or partner engagement and more efficient internal data navigation.


Go beyond what you already know about audio.


Add information to a large number of items automatically.


Make better use of your catalog.

How we use it at Deezer

At Deezer, upon receiving metadata from partners, we analyze the audio signal with models leveraging our in-house curation expertise and enrich the information with moods, bpm, explicit info, etc.

This detailed data is then used in recommendations and results monitoring to ensure a cutting-edge and highly-intuitive music catalog.

Build advanced analytics

Deepen and enrich your understanding of audio content to make more informed decisions.

Build new monitoring dashboards geared for speed and accuracy and ensure you can select the right content for the right occasion, every time.

Sort & filter based on advanced attributes

Provide new sorting methods and filters for your employees and partners. Enable them to search through audio files more quickly without having to listen to each track individually.

Rapidly compile the right content for the right occasion. For instance, you can quickly filter out sad songs in happy playlists or find songs based on bpm for music teaching or mixing.

Create experiences based on song characteristics

Build next level experiences with audio as a point of inspiration.

For example, create games based on the detection of a mood, rhythm or word, or align sonic atmospheres to visual environments with staggering accuracy.


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