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What the Flow wheel offers

Based on over a decade of human-led curation and research into recommendations, the Flow tool combines the specific moods of a song with the users’ preferences. Our model leverages our expertise and can be personalized to build a selection of moods that fit your brand personality. This solution enables deeper connections with your customers through an ecosystem of sounds, in sync with their music tastes from their premium Deezer profiles. By combining the integration of Deezer and your own customized Flow wheel, you can create a truly unique audio experience.

User centric

Match your brand personality and your customers’ preferences.


Create a tailored solution that fits who you are as a brand.


Use technology that is deployed everyday to millions of Deezer users.

How we use it at Deezer

Flow Moods is a unique AI music recommendation feature in our product. Developed in-house at Deezer, it provides six infinite playlists based on the user’s preferences as well as different moods selected from dozens of options.

We have leveraged our considerable editorial expertise in order to train the engine and identify relevant mood categories in line with the product proposition.

Offer Flow as a companion to your brand

Integrate Deezer Flow and embed user tastes in your projects. For instance, you could build video games with intuitive, context-based music.

Enable customers to log in to Deezer and listen to Flow in order to stay on vibe with music that reacts to them as part of a total sonic experience.

Develop your brand's sonic identity

Offer a unique experience that your customers won’t find anywhere else: build your own moods and offer personalized Flow streams to users that are logged in to their Deezer account.

Go beyond classic soundtracks and match user tastes to your brand identity.


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