Synchronize the text and sound in any audio file

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What AnSync offers

Based on years of expertize in audio signal analysis, AnSync is an automatic timestamping solution that works regardless of the speed or language of the audio file.
AnSync works not only for lyrics but also on any audio with subtitles, whether for accessibility or user engagement.


Get a pre-synchronized subtitled version in just a few seconds or minutes.


Work on large song catalogs or long files, like movies.


Remove the hassle of manual synchronization.

How we use it at Deezer

At Deezer, we use AnSync to analyze vocals and check the match up of lyrics and songs to provide the best experience to our users.

Synchronize lyrics and songs

Automatically timestamp lyrics for an audio file.

Display the results for lyric discovery, singalong or karaoke.

Synchronize subtitles and audio files

Automatically timestamp subtitles for movies, TV shows as well as any other video content.

Go one step further by coupling AnSync with Spleeter and speech-to-text technologies for the automatic generation of synchronized subtitles from any audio file.

Increase website accessibility through audio

Transform your text-only website into a complete multimedia experience by coupling AnSync with text-to-speech technologies and enable users to opt for voice over.

For developers

Our lyric-alignment model, Ansync, is available as an API that enables fast and automatic alignment of lyrics to songs.

AnSync features:

  • Outputs, synchronized lyrics (JSON)
  • Synchronization done word by word
  • Capacity to handle most Latin script languages


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