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What Radar offers

Based on Deezer’s unique ID system and expertise in European cultural content, Radar is a solution for scanning large catalogs, identifying songs and providing the associated metadata, even when the signal is distorted.
This model relies on an index of hundreds of millions of songs and / or can be connected to your own index, to help you solve a large variety of issues, from improving content detection in your database to royalties and fraud management.


Identify tracks and duplicates in a few seconds.


Detect across a huge array of content.


Improve search function for a smoother experience.

How we use it at Deezer

At Deezer, we have developed Radar to improve our user experience. Running analyses on the catalog enables us to flag duplicates and fraudulent audio files, before either removing them or discounting them from user searches.

By connecting Radar to our library of 120+M of tracks, we can also use it to compile and complete metadata on podcasts, radio and audiobook feeds. From managing our catalog to improving user engagement, fingerprinting is ever present!

Automatically detect songs on any audio file

Timestamp and identify songs or watermarks on audio files from radio shows, movies, podcasts, etc.

Get metadata and build statistics and reports or display relevant information to your users.

Understand music from your catalog, in depth

Scan your catalog by individual song in order to identify and sort content. For example, find all movies, shows, documentaries, etc. that contain a specific song in their audio track.

Provide new filters and routes for catalog search, enabling users to find the content they’re looking for, from movies to radio to TV shows, podcasts, songs and artists.

Identify fraudulent audio

Easily spot unauthorized copies of content and songs with this music identifier, even when distorted (pitch, tempo, compression, equalizing, etc.).

Detect leaks or early releases of new music in your catalog.

Detect versions and allocate rights

Identify and flag different versions (radio, long or short version, etc.) in your catalog and improve reporting and royalties allocation.

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