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What automated playlists offer

Selecting the right playlists in our catalog of over 120M songs has been at the heart of many tools we have developed other the years, like this one.

Our playlist generator tool enables you to save time on curation by automatically defining high-level selections of songs that are in line with your brand image and your vision.


Provide pre-selections to your curators without trawling through your catalog.


Repeat the process whenever you need for fresh selections.


Select the right criteria for your brand, vision and needs.

How we use it at Deezer

Automated playlists are a way for Deezer to provide selections of music that are guaranteed to appeal to the fans of a particular artist or group, as well as fresh pathways through which users can engage with our content.

Taking the 100% Artist playlists as an example, the process works like this: we automate pre-selected tracklists, which are then immediately checked and re-ordered by our editors for the best listening experience. Once approved, they are offered to users in-app through an impactful thumbnail.
Here, manual work is reduced and the chances of success are increased.

Find songs for your ads, games, podcasts, movies, etc.

Save time finding the right song via a pre-selection based on a number of criteria, including mood, atmosphere, rhythm and instrumentation.

This then enables you to pick the song that best fits the concept of your next brand campaign, or audio progression for your next radio or TV show, for example.

Offer an audio experience linked with your brand

Take advantage of pre-selected playlists based on your brand’s identity. You can renew this selection every week, month or quarter based entirely your needs and in a way that is in line with rightholders agreements.


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